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About HFA

A team of experienced, professional instructors

High Flight Aviation offers accelerated flight training for a variety of certificates, ratings and aircraft. Why accelerated training? We find that the best way to ensure knowledge retention and a successful pass rate is to have a consistent and dedicated schedule. Less information is “lost” in the memory trying to shuffle daily life and scheduling/re-scheduling airplanes.
Our courses are setup in such a way that throughout the entire time with us, you are constantly learning and practicing what you learn

All of our instructors are vetted by our Chief Instructor. We take pride in hiring only the best instructors. Our instructors are knowledgeable, experienced, patient, and just super-awesome.

Meet our awesome instructors

Shane Terpstra

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Chief Instructor – ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, sUAS

Shane Terpstra founded the company in 2011. Shane started flying at the age of 16. Pursuing a career in Information Technology, Shane stayed true to his passion for aviation by continuously flying or advancing his ratings over the past 20 years. Shane is a passionate aviation enthusiast, FAA FAASTeam Lead Representative, Accident Investigator and Board member of Plus One Flyers, former airline Captain, as well as an aircraft owner. Shane is currently the Director of Safety for the largest flight club in the United States.
Utilizing his background in technology, Shane has put together all of the syllabus’ used in each of the HFA courses. Our structured approach to instruction ensures your money is well spent and time well utilized.

Shane is a Airline Transport Pilot, Certificated Flight Instructor (Single & Multi-Engine Land and Single-Engine Sea) with Instrument Privileges, an FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor and a NAFI Master Instructor, a designation held by less than 1,000 instructors worldwide

Cole Bygum

619.500.6367 x601

Instructor – CFI, CFII, MEI

Qualified CFI, CFII, and MEI here to help you pursue your aviation dreams! At the core of my training is a major emphasis on safety. In addition, I believe that challenging yourself to becoming the best pilot possible is incredibly important to progress. I’m always ready to have some fun and am excited to share my passion for flying with you!

Jacob Wick

619.500.6367 x602

Instructor – CFI, CFII

I’m Jake, a professional flight instructor in San Diego. I’ve been flying out of Montgomery Field and the greater San Diego area since 2015. I have a career goal of reaching a mainline airline, one day soon. When I’m not flying, you’ll likely find me soaking in a view up in the mountains, underneath the shade of some pine trees. The best part of flight training is the journey, and I feel very fortunate that my job is to share and expand that journey with all of my students here at HFA. 

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